Author: Harris, James

Fueled by a passion for cutting-edge technology, I am James Harris, a dedicated software engineer with a strong background in low-level development. My journey in computer science ignited a passion for coding and problem-solving. I specialize in systems programming, embedded systems, and real-time applications, mastering languages like C and assembly. I excel in crafting efficient, scalable software solutions and have a knack for optimizing system performance and security. In my blogs, I share my knowledge through technical articles and tutorials, providing valuable insights for engineers and tech enthusiasts alike.

In the realm of computer software system development, efficiently handling concurrent I/O is a timeless topic. I once faced a challenge in a project where I needed to design a high-performance server capable of handling thousands of simultaneous network connections. Through this process, I delved into the applications of the Reactor model and epoll. These technologies ultimately helped me solve the problem. Today, I would like to share my exploration and experiences in this area. Discovering the Reactor Model One summer afternoon, I noticed that the server’s performance significantly dropped when the number of concurrent connections was high. Traditional methods…

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